Branding / Imaging

Who are you, where do you stand, what do you bring to the table? These are the most important questions to your audience. Spinner PR will clarify an identity and infuse your brand into any campaigns.

Public Relations / Publicity

We know the right people and how to approach them to achieve visibility. Who we don’t know, we meet. Our approach is friendly, earnest and creative, and reaches print, broadcast and Internet media locally, regionally, nationally, internationally. We pitch, we place.

Media Kit Preparation

We’ll give a critical eye to your existing collateral and elevate your materials to be most media-worthy. If you don’t have any materials, we’ll create a unique and compelling kit that is multifunctional and supports your brand identity. We direct photo and video shoots and consult on production of other supportive materials including web sites and promo gifts.

Marketing / Promotional Programs

Traditional public relations is crucial, but can’t always stand alone to create critical mass. Spinner PR works outside the lines to find like-minded partners to share audience, develops Internet marketing campaigns, strategizes advertising campaigns, runs contests and in general, explores outside the boundaries to meet your needs.

Lyrics and Prose

With this super-special program, we curate free and downloadable mood-creating playlists to accompany book promotion. Let’s find that character’s favorite songs, or what would be playing during that road trip, or capture the narrative’s theme for a most-excellent promotional tool.


Book tours, concerts, fundraisers, opening nights, launch/listening parties, fashion shows, wine tastings; public or private, we’ll make sure it’s perfect, it’s fun and it’s attended.

Reviews, Audits, and Edits

Wondering if your PR / marketing / social net campaign has legs? Trying to figure out why what you’re doing isn’t working? Got a lecture or presentation that needs an ear before taking the stage? Do your materials need a good edit? We give an educated, attentive, deliberate eye and ear to what you’ve got going on and make suggestions for your greatest success.


Get comfy and clarity talking about yourself and your passion with media training. Need ideas, resources, directions? We got ’em in spades.